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This is sacrilege, I know, but I don't like iPhoto.

I use Picasa for Mac & PC. It just makes more "sense" than iPhoto. Picasa isn't perfect, but I like it better than iPhoto.

iPhoto tries to hide so much of the underlaying Mac OS file structure and forces me to adhere to their philosophy of photo album management - it frustrates me. I want a "steak and potatoes" photo manager that doesn't try to hide so much - Picasa works in that regard.

iPhoto creates hidden folders and links to the files, and you never see that unless you use terminal. So, you don't really know where the files are actually stored.

I use a NAS box to store all of my pictures - 500GB and growing. iPhoto tried to copy every file to the local Users directory when I tried to load the library from the NAS system. Then, I had to hunt and poke around to figure out that I could disable that "feature". By that time, I had a big mess of unneeded files on my Mac, and I couldn't figure out how to get iPhoto to clean it up.

Also, every folder on the NAS is descriptive of the picture set "Day at the Beach - 2005" with every file in the folder "day at the beach - 2005 - 001.jpg" - but iPhoto tries to create "Projects" and time lines - I just don't like that.

iPhoto is okay (I guess) if you plan on using a Mac & iPhoto for the next 20 or 30 years. But I prefer a more flexible approach. Let me store the files where I want, with the names I like, and then have the picture manager create a catalog (like Picasa) and allow me to sort them a bunch of different ways.

Now, of course, if you need the iPhoto library for you iMovie and iDVD, you are pretty much stuck.
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