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Hi all. I just purchased my first Mac, iMac 27" yippee! This is my first mac forum, and my first forum post.

My issue with the iPhoto library is that when I back it up to the NAS (MyBook World Edition), the photo hierarchy is awkward, or at least it's not logical for somebody looking for a photo w/o opening the application. It starts with a year, then goes to the events for that year. The problem is that when I'm accessing the NAS remotely, and looking for a particular photo, it isn't logical for me to say, "Hey I remember what year that photo was taken." It's more logical to think that the photo was of a particular event, and the event might even have the date in it, like "Grandma's 90th Birthday - 2009". The NAS is a little sluggish when accessing remotely, so navigating through all the year folders to find the event I'm looking for gets annoying fast.

I thought about telling the WD backup application to just backup the events folders underneath the date folders, but that had two drawbacks. First, everytime I add an event, I'd have to add that folder to the backup schedule. Second, there are .plist files poluting the folders that contain the picture. Why couldn't Apple store the .plist files elsewhere with a pointer to the original photo?

I'm almost to the point where I'm considering putting the pictures elsewhere in the pictures folder (let's call that folder "x"), importing the photos to iPhoto from x, then not deleting the originals in x, so basically I'd have two copies on my iMac. Then I'd tell the WD backup application to backup the x folder and not the iPhoto library. This idea is hard to swallow b/c it's 10x easier to just drag the photos from my camera to the iPhoto window. It seems doubtful that I'd ever use the 1TB of HDD on the iMac even with the photo duplication, but I still hate wasting the space.

Note, I'm using another drive for Time Machine backups, so the NAS backups aren't really backups in the sense that it's my backup for data loss, but I'm just using the NAS for sharing files with friends/family, and accessing files remotely via PC/Mac.

Anybody have any experience in this area? Suggestions? Maybe iPhoto settings I can change? Sorry for the lengthy post!

EDIT: I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before. Maybe I'll just upload the pictures from my camera to the NAS, then import the pictures to iPhoto from the NAS, rather than upload the pictures from the camera to the iMac, then backing up the iPhoto library to the NAS. I'm not sure that solution is wife proof (you should see the set of instructions I had to draw up for the universal remote!, but I love her all the same), b/c that's still not as easy as just dragging the pictures from the camera folder to the iPhoto window.
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