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Dear all:

I am interested in a keyboard with Copy/Paste direct keys (no combination of any kind of keys). People that I am working with are not kids, they are forced to learn computing, but they just need to use few things. They prefer to "retype" the whole stuff insead of using any sort of menus or key's combination, it takes me time until they get used to copy/paste function.

It would be really helpful to have keys for cut/copy/paste directly in the keyboard (for me, more important than dashboard and this stuff).

Any idea where to get it? I am currently using Microsoft one on PCs ( Microsoft Product Information Center: Microsoft® Digital Media Keyboard 3000 : Overview ) with special configuration for those functions due to keyboard simplicity (very standard configuration, but with the ability to customize certain functions), I guess I can do the very same thing on iMACs, but are there any other options available?


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