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Good afternoon All --

I've been researching just about all I can about the new iMac's that have been released and am sitll a bit unsure about what I'm getting into. I'd like to seek the advice of this community to help with my decision.

I've been on PCs up to this point, other than grahic design classes in college. I've always opted to build my own PC, and as an IT Manager, Microsoft certified, etc.. am very familiar with the PC side of hardware. I've recently taken an interest in the iMac line and the 27" caught my eye. I'm most likely going to be purchasing the i5 model, but I'm concerned about the inputs on the back, and expandability. Typically, you just throw a card into the tower, and you're good to go for expansion.

The main reason I'm looking to Mac is for studio use, and personal use for my wife. Lets just say she hasn't been too kind to my PCs with her everyday browsing / usage needs. With her music, having an iPhone, pictures, etc.. the iMac seemed like the best choice for all of our needs. My only concern is my lack of understanding of the iMac chasi, or how the hardware is presently functioning.

I know there's a multi purpose port on the back of the iMac, and an audio out, as well as firewire which I'd use for audio input for an external device (Most likely a firepod or such). Now, on to the question!! When I've built a PC in the past and wanted to use studio type equipment (Monitor speakers, etc..) I've opted for the higher end sound card for digital outs, etc. What are my options on the iMac to accomplish this in the end? My end goal is to have a working in-home stuido setup, as well as a Mac that can be used for everyday needs. I'd like to have the ability to feed music into the system for recording and editing, but also I want the playback to also be of quality. With a single audio out which seems like nothing special, how well is this going to work? Is there a way to expand or somehow implement a better sound backend for the iMac? Or am I just looking at the wrong platform for my needs?

I know this is very long winded, and I appreciate and help that is offered. I'm Mac retarded, but ready to give it a try and learn what I can. I've researched about all I can without understandin more of the hardware and the system.

Looking forward to bashing this one out! Thanks!
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