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Originally Posted by miscend View Post
Did you remember to thank the manager of the store?

You are very lucky indeed.
Ok, of course I am happy that I got it back, but under the circumstances I will not be thanking the restaurant manager.

Let me tell you what happened:

I walked into a restaurant Friday before last and was greeted by a very large doorman who demanded that laptops were not allowed in his restaurant (very odd). He then demanded to keep hold of it for me, saying he would bring me a cloakroom ticket. 10 minutes later (when no ticket arrived) I went looking for him. I found him and he denied me ever giving him a laptop, calling myself and three colleagues liars.

I have spent most of the last week talking to the police (who seized their cctv tapes) and kicking up a fuss in this restaurant. I believe it was my hard work that got the machine back. When the manager called me he said that some guy has 'accidentally' picked it up 10 days ago and returned it today (he was apparently away on business for a week so was unable to return it sooner). When I asked to see the tapes to see who had returned it, they had apparently forgotten to turn on the cctv that morning. It's all bull.

Of course, I'm happy that I got it back, but I'm still a little peeved as someone has spent a week looking through my work.

Thanks for all your replies anyway. I hope we can all learn a lesson from this. Don't give your laptop to big fat balding men
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