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I bought a Macbook knowing it had a problem in the hopes of fixing it. It boots fine, but right as it gets into OSX the screen goes black. Pressing the space bar or power button will turn the screen back on for a few seconds and then it will turn back off.

This is where it gets really weird, I swapped out the hard drive for a different hard drive with OSX 10.4.11 on it and the system works fine. (The original hard drive had OSX 10.5). So I figured it was a problem with the old hard drive. I upgraded the new hard drive to OSX 10.6 and the problem reappeared!

This makes me believe that something on the logic board is malfunctioning and constantly trying to put the system to sleep but OSX 10.4.11 doesn't recognize this sleep command (It is a 2008 Macbook and came from the factory with OSX 10.5). I also booted from a hard drive with Windows on it without problems.

I plan on opening up the system in a few days and making sure there are no loose cables or obvious problems, does anyone know where on the logic board the sleep functions are controlled or have any ideas as to how to fix the problem?
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