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hello all, my first post in this forum

forgive my newbness, i am very unfamiliar with macs

i have recently had a problem on osx 10.5 leopard...
when i start up computer it shows the mac logo and the loading symbol but it doesnşt pass that, i have left the computer on for hours and it does not go anywhere..

i have tried that command to make it seem like a fresh install has been made
.AppleSetupDone but when it gets to setup internet connection same thing happens... the rainbow circle just keeps spinning for hours and nothing happens

i messed with the sharing and permissions to the hard drive(maybe this caused it?)

this is what i did

user 1 - read and write
user 2 - read only
everyone - read only (this is where i changed it to ´none´)

is this what messed it up?

is there a command i can put in the DOS looking like thing that can change the permissions back for everyone to read only

any help would be greatly appreciated, before my dad kills me for ruining his macs

btw i have another macbook air with same problem and another with no problem... incase i need another mac to get into the broken ones
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