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Hi Guys

Really sorry if this has been posted before but I couldn't find anything similar.

I am running iMovie '09 (v.8.0.5[820]) on a 300GB iMac and have created an iMovie project of a snowboarding holiday we had with some friends.

The project runs really well in iMovie and I was really excited to export/share it so I could burn a DVD using iDVD.

Unfortunately 5 of the 20 chapters export with distorted sound. By this I mean that the resultant files seem to play ok until the 4th chapter which plays as per the project but with an EXTRA layer of audio from other scenes within the project. As I say all other audio plays fine but just with this extra audio in the background.

Which reminds me, in 'Share' I have tried sharing with iDVD, itunes and Media Browser as well as 'export movie' with the same end result (same places).


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