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Originally Posted by hoth17 View Post
Thank you for the replies.

I worked tech support, and I will tell you that OSX is not always seamless. Mac bases pcs have their fair share of issues.

I assume it is seamless for you, just as a Windows based pcs is for me. We both have a higher knowledge of computers. Computers get viruses and crash when the user makes poor decisions on which web pages to visit, and what software should and should not be installed and so on.

True, I cannot say that OSX has just as many viruses than windows. However, with the growing popularity of OSX, I would bet we will be seeing more and more in the coming years.

This in my opinion is a con for OSX. Mac has developed a system in which they have all the power. They choose what your hardware is. Yes, for 95% of the people, there is not issue to and buying a prebuilt computer. However, it is cheaper and and it can make your computer more efficiency by choosing your parts.

Apple has control over the prices of the machines, and windows does not. If you were legally able to install OSX on a windows based pc, you would be getting the same hardware and software for less money. But because Mac does not let you, they are able to charge you more for the hardware.

As far as compatibility issues with windows... Windows has compatibility issues when a company does not create drivers that are compatible with different a new architecture of windows (it happens a few times a decade). 99% of the time you can put in a new wireless card or graphics card, install the drivers and be done. Because Windows is just an OS that gets installed on hardware, you are not limited to apple's products. Windows does not have driver issues. There is a large amount of variations you can have in your hardware, but all the hardware have drivers which work well. Also, drivers are constantly being released by companies to make their projects more efficient. There is no issues with compatibility running a windows based pc.
-It is upto the user to use common sense as to websites they visit, and software that they install, however, in saying that, in all my years of using macs, even when visiting suspicious pages, or installing untrusted software, I have never had a trojan or virus.... and I am sure that one day someone will come up with a virus that can bypass it's inbuilt firewall, and actually infect a mac.
Then again, even though there is the belief that it is of no interest to any of the evil doers out there due the majority of computers being window based, I have no doubt that many are constantly trying to show mac's can be infected, and up to date are still unsuccessful. It is a the kind of challenge that hackers etc set for themselves, so I doubt that there aren't many people trying.

Macs are very easily upgradable in the factory and out of the factory, for instance, the hard drives and ram are just about as easy to change as a pair of jeans, and its is common practice for mac users to purchase these products online, and upgrade themselves.
The quality of the hardware in Macs out of the factory is not substandard, however, they do charge for the privilege of knowing that if you get a computer from them, that you are getting a quality system, and if you have any problems, not only can you get the extended warranty, but the after sales service if something goes wrong in most cases is fantastic.
ie If you buy a Dell, and something goes wrong, try get a solution out of them!

The compatibility issues you talk of with drivers etc for windows, is purely based on windows having the majority of the market, where as more and more now, software, drivers, etc are coming out with the choice, knowing that macs are becoming more popular by the day.

I can say, from a personal standpoint, that I have had 2 macs with 4 OS's over the years, and the problems I have had are very few.... the components have more than lasted the test of time, and other than upgrading HDs and Ram once my Macs got a little old, and my user needs had increased with time (as does with any technological advances), I have had to do nothing.

I remember my days of using Windows on PCs, and I really can't share the same sentiment.
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