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Thank you for the replies.

I have a two questions:

1. can you overclock a mac?

2. if I had a mac and wanted to swap out the current intel cpu for a different one, same socket, would I be able to? Are the motherboards that are sent with the systems made specifically for a certain cpu, or are they like a pc motherboard, and support any cpu type in that socket? (with the exception of some not compatible with different chip nm and some older boards not supporting quad cores even if they are 775 socket)

I personally run Linux 24/7, and I also run Windows 7. However, I am not bias, I worked in tech support for a company which used OSX.

However I have a few comments in response to 6String...
Originally Posted by 6string View Post
Adding to Chris H's post....
Majority of Mac users have very few, if not no issues with their computers, and enjoy seamless use of their operating systems unlike majority of PC users (windows OS), who have the constant battle of freezes, crashes, virus's, trojans, as well as the financial burden and time without their systems while being repaired
I worked tech support, and I will tell you that OSX is not always seamless. Mac bases pcs have their fair share of issues.

I assume it is seamless for you, just as a Windows based pcs is for me. We both have a higher knowledge of computers. Computers get viruses and crash when the user makes poor decisions on which web pages to visit, and what software should and should not be installed and so on.

True, I cannot say that OSX has just as many viruses than windows. However, with the growing popularity of OSX, I would bet we will be seeing more and more in the coming years.

Originally Posted by 6string View Post
Apple OS's are designed to go with the computers that are made by Apple, therefor, eliminating compatibility issues, unlike Windows.
Macs give you a reliable package, while Windows gives you just the OS.
This in my opinion is a con for OSX. Mac has developed a system in which they have all the power. They choose what your hardware is. Yes, for 95% of the people, there is not issue to and buying a prebuilt computer. However, it is cheaper and and it can make your computer more efficiency by choosing your parts.

Apple has control over the prices of the machines, and windows does not. If you were legally able to install OSX on a windows based pc, you would be getting the same hardware and software for less money. But because Mac does not let you, they are able to charge you more for the hardware.

As far as compatibility issues with windows... Windows has compatibility issues when a company does not create drivers that are compatible with different a new architecture of windows (it happens a few times a decade). 99% of the time you can put in a new wireless card or graphics card, install the drivers and be done. Because Windows is just an OS that gets installed on hardware, you are not limited to apple's products. Windows does not have driver issues. There is a large amount of variations you can have in your hardware, but all the hardware have drivers which work well. Also, drivers are constantly being released by companies to make their projects more efficient. There is no issues with compatibility running a windows based pc.
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