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Originally Posted by VegasGeorge View Post
You misunderstand the operation of iPhoto. The images in iPhoto are kept in a Library maintained by iPhoto. The albums are only available within a Library. If you want iPhoto images on your external HD, you need to create a new iPhoto library on that drive. You can do that by holding down the Option key while booting up iPhoto. That will give you the option to create the new library, and that's also how you tell iPhoto which library to use when opening the app.

Thank you.

I have only owned a MacBook Pro 2/3 weeks so itís all new to me and i am not a techie person when it comes to any sort of computer.

Iíll give it a go later.

Thanks again

A new MacBook Pro user as of oct 09 and loving it!! Sorry for the stupid questions i am asking as i know you will have been asked them a million times before
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