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I prefer Macs basically because the only PCs I have ever had were very old - I used to have a desktop computer with Windows (98, I think) and then my dad installed Linux on another partition on that computer's HDD. And then guess what happened? The Windows partition broke down, so we were stuck with Linux. We really liked it. Then, we switched over to Mac and we still own our Macs and are not planning on switching back any time soon. I also had a very old Windows 98 laptop (an IBM Thinkpad)that had no built-in internet connection.

However, I understand that all PCs (and Macs) have built-in wireless cards and are generally more secure than they used to be. The main reason why I decided to upgrade from a PowerBook G4 to a MacBook Pro last August (2008) was because I was already used to the OS, and it seems to have more features than most PCs do. The only thing that Windows has over Mac, besides the price of the hardware, is the fact that it is more compatible with touch screens than Mac OS X. The closest to a PC I currently have is a VirtualBox VM with the Windows 7 RC installed on it. I daresay it's not bad, but it is still not Mac OS X.

As for Linux, it works. The only problems I would have if I had to switch to Linux is that there isn't just one website that shows a lot of downloadable applications. Apple's website has a "Downloads" section where you can download a ton of stuff, like apps, screensavers, icon sets, Dashboard widgets, etc. The other problem would be that I would have to get used to the interface, which I did do with Mac OS X.

Also, like Chris H. said, Mac OS X (which, to me, is the superior OS of the three) is only legally installed on Apple hardware. However, Windows, Linux, OpenSolaris, normal Solaris, or really any OS can run on Apple hardware, but Mac OS X can only run on Apple hardware. So, it is really better to have Apple hardware, and the only way to get that is to buy a Mac, preferably an Intel Mac.

Also, another reason I like OS X better than Windows is that I can navigate through the Finder more easily than I can the Windows Explorer. I don't know why. But I think it is more customizable than Windows Explorer. For example, you can drag apps up to the top of a Finder window for quick access. I don't think you can do that in Windows Explorer.

And finally, the Dock. I know there are programs like RocketDock for Windows and CairoDock for Linux, but the Mac OS X Dock is pretty darn nice. It is very organized right out of the box, but other ones aren't.

Sorry for the long response. I understand it might be quite tedious to read.

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