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Mac OS X has no viruses, but that doesn't mean there won't be one.
There is a trojan for Mac OS X, but unlike Windows, there's no registry, and the trojan is easily removed through third-party software.
While Apple's computers are more expensive, a comparable Windows PC with the same hardware specs will be about the same, if not exactly the same. (Though this varies to a degree: store purchased, etc.)
Older Macintosh computers (post-Jobs return) are upgradable to an extent- like any computer out there.
Games do exist for Mac OS X, despite what Windows owners might claim. There may not be as many games, nor could there be the same titles (like the Games For Windows titles), but nonetheless, there are games that will suffice the most diehard computer game enthusiast.
Applications are easily uninstalled in Mac OS X: drag the application to the trash, or find a third party software to uninstall it, such AppCleaner. This may seem funny at first, but compare that to Windows own software "wizard uninstaller/installer". Yes, it is that much simpler.

Finally, unlike Windows, Mac OS X cannot, therefore should not, be installed on any other hardware other than Apple's own, on the flipside however, Windows can be run on Intel Mac's. As can most Linux distro's. So..there you have it.

Yes, these are facts. (One or two of them may be debatable).

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