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Originally Posted by Liam View Post
I recently added hundreds and hundreds of fonts ... What I want to do is remove every font I added
You can remove fonts only after logging in as administrator, you probably know that, but .....

Unfortunately I copied and pasted them all into the "Fonts" folder so I don't know which fonts were there before and which ones weren't.
This is going to be awkward. Firstly, check this link: Mac OS X 10.4: Fonts list. Print it, I suggest.
And this:

In your situation I would remove any fonts you can readily identify as being 'undesirable' after having read the list in the links.

Also, if I remove the font from the "Fonts" folder, will that mean that they are gone completely
Short answer, yes, but you must move them to Trash, where they become inaccessible to the OS.

Lastly, but very importantly, after doing the font maintenance, you should run Onyx Titanium Software to repair permissions and to optimise the system (Update only).
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