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I recently added hundreds and hundreds of fonts given to me from a friend, and it has slowed down my machine dramatically, from loading the operating system up once putting in my password, to opening the likes of Word, PowerPoint etc.

Fontbook also crashes upon trying to look at the fonts, I think, because some of them are Arabic, etc, and maybe it is causing issues

What I want to do is remove every font I added and go back to the ones I had initially. Unfortunately I copied and pasted them all into the "Fonts" folder so I don't know which fonts were there before and which ones weren't.

What would be the best way to identity, and get rid of the ones I have put into the Fonts folder? I have tried to arrange by "Date Modified" etc, but the dates don't match.

Also, if I remove the font from the "Fonts" folder, will that mean that they are gone completely, or are they then implemented into the system elsewhere also? I deleted a fair amount of them simply by comparing the CD to what was in the Fonts folder and it still seems to be very slow.

I've also tried reinstalling Office, but to no use.

I am using Mac OSX10.4 if it makes any difference.

Many thanks in advance.
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