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My External HD's (ExHD) back up with TC/TM perfectly.

I have a Maxtor 320 partitioned for Music, Movies, & Photos. I also have a Western Digital Studio 500 partitioned for 4 businesses. Each ExHD partition is represented by a separate desktop icon. I can exclude or include any or all of the 7 partitions.

I use the two Firewire 800 connections on the iMac; One to each ExHD. I could have daisy chained the ExHD (it will work), but I also have a LaCie 1T firewired/daisy chained to the WD 500 which I use as my vault -taking it out of the house office.

As I understand it. The reason my setup is successful is that I have the ExHD directly wired to the iMac. TC recognizes the ExHD's as a branch device of the primary account. Same as the internal drive of the iMac.

TC will not back up an ExHD attached to it via its USB 2.0 port. But it can extend itself and utilize an USB 2.0 attached ExHD. TC then becomes, say a 1T PLUS whatever size the ExHD is. This is an option that has to be selected, otherwise, the attached USB 2.0 ExHD is treated as a separate drive (But as I said earlier, TC cannot/will not back it up).

I Hope this helps.
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