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Originally Posted by Terry Y View Post
Just bought the new imac 27". It comes standard with the new "Magic Mouse", which I like the look, feel & functionality of, but it frequently has an irritating lag associated with it. I tried adjusting the speed but with no improvement. Is anyone else experiencing this, and is there anything else I should try doing?

Apple will fix this issue quickly, hopefully. Does this problem go away when you restart and slowly return after some use? I understand your frustration, the movement lag is maddening. The scroll function may show a bit of lag, but movement of the cursor should be responsive and immediate at all times.

Originally Posted by Prolanman View Post
Just got mine today. I haven't experienced any lag with my 13 mid 2009 MBP. I have read that there are some issue with the new 27" imacs. It may be a system issue causing the lag, not the mouse.
I believe it IS the new mouse and associated software that is causing this. My 13" MBP began showing the very same issues as the the OP and other iMac users are seeing.

They began just after updating my mouse software and pairing up my Magic Mouse. I observed, via activity monitor, a major jump in CPU utilization by different apps (some over 105%) and all kinds of lag.

Removing the mouse completely from my bluetooth devices fixed the problem. Pairing the mouse up again causes problems to return between 1 and 8 hours later depending on usage.

I'm sure an update will be released, hopefully they nail the problem down quickly. My mouse is useless till then.

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