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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
Yes, and I've seen your posts at other forums also. No one there bought into it either.

The real answer appears to be in the link you provided above. The OP discovered and has reported receiving confirmation from Apple that the stuttering issue some are seeing is related to the Airport card. He also says they are working on it and should have an update soon.

This does explain the issues some are seeing with video stuttering and slowdowns related to iChat, WoW, Safari and other web apps while using the wireless connection.
Are you seeing any problems on your Mac, as described? Has anybody involved in this thread experienced the issues I've described?

No? Well then OF COURSE you don't care about what I'm describing, and haven't "bought it." This information wasn't meant for you. It wasn't meant to convince YOU. Those who have these issues DON"T NEED convincing.

Go on and enjoy your Mac! This is for people whose Mac enjoyment is being interrupted constantly, and was why I was requesting this thread be moved to the OSX area int he first place.

From the bolded words in your quote, at least you now recognize that there IS a problem here. Perhaps you also recognize that the problem IS bigger than just Flash... That perhaps the problem is affecting the whole system - and simply making itself apparent in many ways? iChat, WoW, Safari and other web apps... The problem's showing up in all these apps, because the whole system is being sucked dry of resources.

Should this still be in the applications/games section?

But it seems pointless to convince you, since you think of yourself as a god of sorts.

Again, if your Mac is affected, you would know it. You would recognize it from the info my post. You'd try every step I've described in my post.

Whether the fix I've described was the root of peoples' problems or not, whether you believe me or not, and whether you approve of my info or not...

You've actively tried to block a sincere effort to HELP those who are looking for answers.

Great place you're running here.

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