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Originally Posted by jojet View Post

When comparing NTFS-3G and the Paragon product, you may wish to note that all open source development of NTFS-3G ceased in October 2007 due to a conflict of professional interest for it's developer.
November 2007, was not only the month for the last underground release of NTFS-3G (V1.328) but was also the month in which Paragon announced in a press release
the release of it's NTFS for MacOSX product.

Thus to compare NTFS-3G with the Paragon product is perhaps simply to compare the skills and creativity of an individual programmer versus the enhanced performance and reliability that comes from the resources and QA practices of a commercial enterprise.

I am simply suggesting that whilst Paragon's NTFS for Mac OSX may be a reliable and performing product, it most likely owes it's roots to the ingenuity and skils of the sole programmer that created NTFS-3G.
It is therefore perhaps, in recognising the utilisation of their employer's resources to create NTFS-3G that this programmer realised that with this personal development endeavour also arose a conflict of interest.
And perhaps, as a consequence, the developer of NTFS-3G demonstrated integrity and professionalism in recognising the use of their employer's resources in the creation of their product.

These words are no more than the educated guess-work of an ex-(Cisco/Sun/.Com x 4/pre-web) Internet hack with an appreciation for that so very rare breed that is the brilliant programmer who goes commercial with the right people for the right reasons.

NTFS-3G was a personal passion, Paragon's NTFS for MacOSX is passion made reality.

With the greatest of regards,

That might be but I had MacFuse with NTFS 3G in my macbookpro and it was working fine until I upgraded it to Snow Leopard. Suddenly I couldn't write on my NTFS HD anymore. I installed Paragon NTFS and it worked. Is that anything I need to do with NTFS 3G to make it work in snow leopard?
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