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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
Sorry, but maybe you should read your own first post.

You are the one that was blaming Flash on using 100% due to the Magic Mouse.

I am the one that pointed out the issue with Flash Player using this type of processing power has been an ongoing one for a long time.

I believe the issue is not one of OS X, but is an issue of the developers of Flash Player. There are other video apps out there that developers have put out that don't require that amount of raw processing power. Quicktime and VLC come to mind..

As such, it is an application issue and not an OS X issue. Therefore, it is currently in the proper forum.
I made two big mistakes when I began this thread;

1) I chose the wrong title for my thread, which you understandably misinterpreted. My wording in my initial post also mistakenly made it sound like this was exclusively a Flash player issue. I can't edit the title, so I can't argue with your reasoning.

2) More importantly, I assumed that users here were already aware of the curious problems affecting predominantly new unibody iMac owners (but susceptibility extends to any Snow Leopard machines.

For your benefit, please see links to threads about this subject.

The problem affects the system as a whole. It's a resource leak.

However, it is notorious for one particular symptom, Flash player slowdown. Perhaps these users were Youtube fanatics, but this was one main complaint people had.

Forget this thread, don't worry about moving it. Please read the following for your own information:

This person is experiencing the very same problem, but does not know it yet. I can tell by his symptoms:

Originally Posted by gotvim View Post
I just purchased the new imac 21.5 inch last Friday. I'm noticing some strange performance issues that appear to be sound related. I use computer for software development (mostly just using terminals), listening to iTunes, iPhoto, and to play Wow. On Saturday, I logged into ichat AV to chat with my bud and play wow, played for about 2-3 hours, no issues at all. I may not have rebooted yet after first install of all the software though. Can't really remember, But i played and chatted a long while with not a single issue.

Yesterday, logged into ichat AV with a friend, played wow, about 20min. into playing, everything becamne super choppy, the sound was sputtering in and out, thought maybe lag, but didn't act like usual lag. Activity monitor showed over 100% cpu usage going to ichat, with 19 threads open! I shut it down, but wow was still fluttering around. Rebooted everything was fine again, after about another 45-1hour same thing happened again.

Basically I have to reboot now about every 30-60min. I don't think wow was the issue either. Because I logged into ichat without wow and launched a youtube video and it happened there too. I wonder if it's some kind of bug when 2 applications try to share the audio device.

Anyone else having this issue? I plan to do some more testing throughout the week with different apps. QT, Flash, Youtube, etc.

Sound/Performance issues with new iMac

Now, I don't want to link from other Mac-related forums, but I'm sure you're probably a member there too. Also for your information:

Mac Rumors post "New 27" iMac's have issues. DO NOT BUY"
New 27" iMac's have issues. DO NOT BUY - Mac Forums

Not all iMacs are affected, only a fraction. But those people are frustrated to no end, and wasting lots of time, patience and money reloading/returning their machines. People are seeing so many issues that it's hard to understand they're related. Again, forget about moving the post, I don't wanna argue with you about that. As a moderator, just informing YOU of an issue people have been seeing.

And I now know which forums are better organized/informed/moderated than others.

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