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I'm having a similar problem with my 08 MBP. Blank screen at startup, no chime, and nothing works. Caps Lock won't even come on. Took it to Apple, and their tech (this guy has a bad reputation with almost all of my apple friends) said that he couldn't really tell if it was a graphics problem or a logic board failure, but he denied service from my AppleCare plan because of a ding in the lower case. "That looks like a pretty significant impact, and that voids your applecare for repairs like this." the ding was there when i got the computer from the applestore brand new, and now every other peon in that store just tags along on what he says. Now they're quoting me an $800 repairbill for a problem they can't identify but won't cover because of a ding that they can't prove I did, I can't prove I didn't do, and they won't prove has ANY kind of connection to the problem I'm having. GRRR!!!!
Best of luck to you if you get any help!!
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