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I would like to start off with saying you guys are great so far, with throwing out a bunch of possible solutions.

To answer some much needed questions.

1) This is a Retail version of Snow Leopard (Legally) purchased from the Apple store.

2) I have tried creating an image of the DVD from another computer and mount the apple with the DMG as part of a seperate partition (to narrow out the Apple DVD Drive) - This did not help

3) Full format - Write zeros - its been done, yet again as someone else posted it is very necessary when buying / selling a computer

4) It shutsdown EVERY TIME at 29 minutes. I have done the Verify / Repair disk multiple times with 0 errors.

5) I just brought it to the apple store, 45 minutes later... They have NO Idea whats wrong with it!!!

We swapped out ram, ran a log during the install.. It shutsdown at 29 minutes everytime it goes to extract the OSX .pkg file at the "begin install" section of the log.

I hope this information helps in figuring whats wrong with this
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