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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
This could be part of the problem! You're moving forward with your Mac in the same way you would with the Windows computers you're more familiar with.

I'm not saying writing zeros to the hard drive before doing an install is bad or's just not necessary.

What disc are you trying to install from:

- is it a grey disk or a black disk with a big X on it?
- if a grey disk, is it the disk that originally came with the computer?
- if not...these grey disks are model specific, and it may not work with your MacBook Pro.
- if you're using a grey disk, and it did not originally come with the computer...then you need to purchase a retail OS install "Black" disk.

Hope this helps,

- Nick

I don't think its really a "windows" thing. I do it any time I ever sell a computer. Windows or not. It would be risky not to.

To the OP, I would definitely look at the hard drive!
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