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In retrospect, that actually came out a bit more harsh/@$$hole-ish than I wanted it to.

I just meant to use your head about it. I don't keep drinks near it, that seems to be the big one. I also make sure I have a good grip on it before i move it. I don't keep it in a sleeve, but my backpack has a laptop sleeve so it hasn't really mattered yet. Mine has some light surface scratches on the bottom, but otherwise looks as new now as the day i got it. I did add a sticker, people frequently ask if i messed it up.

Oh, and ticedoff8, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Scratches on a bike and scratches on gear are indicative of someone that cant ride. I've been riding for 21 years, 12 on dirt as a kid and the rest on the street since i turned 18.
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