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Hi All

I recently purchased a 13" MacBook Pro (around a month ago). I have cleaned it several times but wonder if I may be doing it incorrectly. When I get crumbs, etc in the keyboard, I will use compressed air to blast it out, and then use a paper tower soaked with alcohol and wipe the keyboard and aluminum body clean. It seems to do a pretty good job. Could this be damaging to the notebook though? How do you guys clean yours?

Thanks in advance
Here's a couple suggestions:
- Get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
- Stop eating with your mouth over the keyboard or typing with sticky jelly on your fingers.
- Stop touching the screen with your sticky fingers.
- Stop worrying about it.

If I have to clean the screen, I use Johnson's Baby shampoo (4 or 5 drops in a spray bottle - NEVER use liquid dish soap) with clean, cold water to clean my screen and case. Use a soft wash rag - like a face cloth - paper scratches the screen. If you like, add about 4 or 5 drops of Simple Green. Alcohol will eat the plastic screen over time.
I also use my air compressor in the garage to blow out the... crumbs (yeah, crumbs is a good description) from my keyboards. Sometimes it blows the key-tops off, but they press right back on. But, the bluetooth keyboard is pretty well sealed, so the ... crumbs... don't get down under.
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