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Originally Posted by shari View Post
I will try the OS disks again. Am I understanding you right. I can reinstall OS and not lose my other things. Such as jobs, programs, fonts, printer drivers, etc?
That's correct, but you must be sure to Archive & Install (A&I).

What that does is to install the OS only, without wiping your Hard Drive of all other files, such as those you've mentioned. A&I creates a Previous System (PS) folder, with all the old OS files.

After you've done A&I you'll notice a significant decrease in available space on your HD. That's because of the PS folder. You should leave that alone until you're absolutely sure that your HD is back to good running order. If you're satisfied after, say, one month, then you can delete the PS folder.

Regarding Disk Utilities not responding, that's an indication that sectors of the volume (HD) that it's trying to get access to are damaged. Unfortunately that points even more to the use of Disk Warrior to make repairs.

The noise you refer to could be the optical drive, or it could be a failing hard drive. If the first cause, then it's not difficult or expensive to replace it. If it's the second cause, get that Mac to a technician for repair as soon as you can.
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