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Just trying to get to grips with some of your explanations and terminology:
1. You say "close out while using them". Do you mean the applications quit, or do they simply cease to 'communicate' with your router? There's nothing I can find in Safari preferences to command disconnection.
2. You say "router" and "keeping the connection". Does this mean that you're in fact using a wireless modem rather than a broadband router?
If you are using a modem, check your Network Prefs to see what the settings are for closing the connection when "idle for xx minutes".

Other wireless networks in your neighborhood shouldn't be affecting your connection, but it's possible that someone with a wi-fi laptop is scavenging your wireless connection. I don't know how close they'd have to be to do that, but it might be worth checking for someone in the near vicinity when the problem occurs.

In the meantime, repair the System Permissions using Onyx v 1.8.5. It's available from Titanium Software.
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