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This is my first go at building a data backup system so please bare with me and my elementary questions. . .

I have a 1TB internal drive on my Mac G5 tower that I need to backup. I plan to use SuperDuper and two external 2TB drives to do this. Two drives so that I can always have a backup on site and a second backup somewhere else, in case, say, my house burns down FYI, the two external drives I plan to use are the G Technologies, G-Raid 2TB Dual Drive Storage System and the Western Digital, My Book Studio Edition II, 2TB Dual-drive Storage System with RAID. My question is this. . . I would also like my backup drives to be bootable (if the entire system goes down I'll always have a drive with an OS that I can boot off of, as well as all of my data). So how might I go about doing this? Can I initially partition each drive, dedicating 100GB as a disk mount, and the remaining space as a storage drive? Basically I've never partitioned a drive before, nor have I set up an external drive to be bootable as an OS, so I'm entering foreign territory on two fronts here. Thank you so much for your guidance.
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