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Originally Posted by AboveNBeyond View Post
Sorry I assumed being I posted this in a laptop forum (area) it would be assumed?

My worry again is I can likely get a powerbook for $4-500.

Spending $1k on something she might not like seems risky

But I don't wanna got with a powerbook if they really are out of date and so on.

She is using a Dell D600 (about 6 years old now) anyways.
I use my old Dell D600 for my CentOS 5.4 laptop system. Not too bad.
I gave my wifey an old Dell D500 w/ 22"external monitor, wireless keyboard & mouse. Makes an "okay" netbook.

Any Macbook with Intel procs should be your only concern.
Older MacBooks have the PPC and PPC is no longer supported by Apple.
If you buy a PPC based system, you'll be loading Linux on it in a week - because it will be stuck on Tiger, or maybe an older version of Leopard.
Spend as much as you can afford. As I said, they hold their value pretty well, so you can sell it for about what you paid for it if she doesn't like it.
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