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Originally Posted by Tarek View Post
Thank you, ImageX. And I do use smcFan control but it doesn't affect when I increase the fan and then log on Windows, it only changes the speed while you're no Macintosh. I don't even need it when using Mac because it doesn't get hot at all, barely warm.

ticedoff, thanks for your input. I don't think there's anything with my battery, I mean it has been less than 13 months since I've bought it. I don't think the battery spoils to fast, especially when you calibrate it every week. About the ceramic wall tile, I can get that but there's something better I am thinking of getting; take a look at it

It's not the exact same as this one, but it's the same concept. Also, the one I am thinking of buying doesn't work with USB, but with a power adapter (which is better).

What do you think? Should I go ahead and buy it?
I'm not saying your battery is the problem - I'm saying I think it was a factor in my case. Bad battery caused higher temps - and it shuts down.

What I have noticed is that if prop up the back of the laptop case about 1/2", it lowers the internal temp about 4 to 6-degree C on the hottest component. I use a a ceramic coffee cup coaster under the back and it tilts the case a little. (Ceramic wall tiles, coffee cup coasters - you can tell I am CHEAP).

IMHO: Any gadget that gets its power from the laptop is bad. They draw power from the laptop which means shorter battery life (unplugged) or higher heat (battery charger). So, if you need a cooler, I think you are right to get the one that runs on an external power supply.

What I've also noticed is the when I run VMWare Fusion - the CPU core temps go sky-high. Without Fusion running, the CPU core temps drop to around 63c - with Fusion running they hover around 80 and spike to 90c.

I would have to assume any program that requires heavy CPU utilization will do the same.
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