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Thank you, ImageX. And I do use smcFan control but it doesn't affect when I increase the fan and then log on Windows, it only changes the speed while you're no Macintosh. I don't even need it when using Mac because it doesn't get hot at all, barely warm.

ticedoff, thanks for your input. I don't think there's anything with my battery, I mean it has been less than 13 months since I've bought it. I don't think the battery spoils to fast, especially when you calibrate it every week. About the ceramic wall tile, I can get that but there's something better I am thinking of getting; take a look at it

It's not the exact same as this one, but it's the same concept. Also, the one I am thinking of buying doesn't work with USB, but with a power adapter (which is better).

What do you think? Should I go ahead and buy it?
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