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If I understand what you mean by X11 forwarding (I've read about it but never set it up personally), I'd say the answer is no. Even though Mac OS X is based on UNIX technologies, the window server is entirely different from X. Don't quote me on it, but I believe the network forwarding was the primary design goal of X, while OS X's window server was designed to use some form of Postscript on-screen. As a result of their differences in design, I don't think OS X's window server has such a capability.

Having said that, there are a few things you can do. First, Mac OS X does use the standard VNC protocol for remote desktop capabilities, and as of Leopard you can use a third-party VNC client (I believe Vinagre is currently the default in Ubuntu) to control OS X. Also, you might be able to configure X11—installed with OS X by default since Leopard and available before that on the installation disc—to be accessible over the network. However, even if that is possible (I've never researched it, but I see no reason it wouldn't be), you would only be able to use the X11 applications remotely.
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