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Hello all,
I just last week purchased and setup my first mac. I've used macs before a little, but I've never had one as my primary machine. For the past couple years I've mostly been running ubuntu, and I really like the remote control capabilites via ssh and having x11 forwarding setup. I know it is possible to X11 forward from linux to OS X, I've already set this up on my LAMP server so I can control it from my mac, however, is the reverse possible? I know that OS X is running on some form of a customized BSD kernel, so I thought it might be.
I tried doing this myself by turning ssh on, then editing the sshd config file. I found the line "#X11Forwarding no" in the config file and changed it to "X11Forwarding yes". Then I saved the file and restarted the ssh server. Now I can login to my mac via ssh, but when I try to run a command that would open a window, it doesn't get forwarded. For instance, if i do a "open -a safari" from the terminal on my mac, it would open a safari window, but when I do this remotely it just gives an error message. If someone could confirm that this is or is not possible, that would be great.
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