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For 70 bucks?

Sure the novelties of it being a touch sensitive device is cool, but it doesn't even have a charge station, and after having a ton of wireless mice, a docking station that charges them just makes it so much better. Logitech mice will have this even for lower than that price range.

One thing I don't think a lot of mice have, but mine does, is on the fly dpi settings. Great for when I game, and the buttons on the side can be programed so when I press them in game, the dpi temporarily slows down. I can even program a button on it to record an action (great for when I have to do a batch of stuff in Photoshop). I don't think that mouse has an extra button or action you can use to move forward or back a page in your internet browser, because I haven't seen the demo do it.

Where's the expose button?

All that mouse promises me is tactile-less device that can do some scrolling and swiping that I'll need to change the batteries for once in a while, and it seems that it'll need just as much cleaning/maintenance as this mouse does (the mighty mouse sucked in this department) and I bet you'll need glue to put that mouse back together too.

Using the Sidewinder X5 mouse from Microsoft, by the way.

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