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Those temps. (Low and High) are around average. Maybe a bit high, but nothing to really worry about. 80-90C would be when you want to worry because that's around 180-200F and that's not good especially for idle. You can also use a program like smcFanControl to see your temp. and fan speeds for the Mac side and compare the temps. Good luck.
Mine is an older model (late 2007 / early '08) MacBook Pro 15" screen.
Runs hotter than **** - 80c CPU A diode temp regularly. I set an alarm at 83c.
The early Core Duo Intel chips run hot anyway, but its has been something I've worried about for a long time.
Last Friday, it started shutting off "for no reason". I'd walk away from the system, and when I came back 20 or 30 min later, it was off.
Today, I took it to an Apple store, and they did a quick diag - bad battery.
I think the power draw of the bad battery was adding just enough heat to push it over the top and trigger an over-temp shutdown.
I've replaced the battery, and it didn't make a big difference in temp, but now it is running like it used to without shutting down.
One thing to consider: Turn down the brightness on the LCD display. I did that and the CPU A diode temp dropped to 73c. Maybe the cold-cathode tube used for the backlight uses too much power(?)
One other thing: Get a piece of 12"x18" ceramic wall tile and put it under your laptop. It does wonders at soaking up and dissipating the heat, and it costs $3 USD. And - if the battery catches on fire - it won't spread to your desk.
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