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OK, now I have another question.

I thought I followed everything that that link told me to do, but I think I messed up switching the files from the one user to this one.

Because I just copied one of the files in the old user, and replaced the file in the new user with that one, and so on with all the main files (Desktop, documents, library, music, movies, pictures, public, and sites. I think that's all of them, anyway). I copied all of those one by one from the old user and used them to replace the files in the new user so that I could have all my files on my new user.

But now that I'm on the new user, when I try to open one of those files it says "You do not have permission to see the contents of this folder." And I've already made this new user an Admin.

How do I fix that?

EDIT: Never mind, I got it. (:
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