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Oh wait. So I plugged in the backup drive on a mac mini and it appears time machine keeps home dirs as just plain old files. I was under the impression it was kept as some user-inaccessible database but it really just looks like a date separated copy of files. Is that right? So I could just make a copy of the backup drive and at the very least I'd have a copy of her profile?

I plugged the timemachine drive into a mac mini, created an account with the same name as her account on the busted imac and restored just her data. It all appears to be there. I think I'm confident I can turn this over to the apple store folks for them to work their magic. It's not that I don't trust them, but you know, it's my mom.

thanks for your advice pigoo3, you're right, it's not too daunting to open one up (if the imac wasn't in warranty I'd tear it open in a heartbeat but I'd hate to void the complete care I paid for)
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