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One thing that chscag did say that DOES bother me... I am aware of connector issues, constantly plug in and out. Some connections are not so sensitive.. usb, audio, power and even the mini display port are solid connections that won't wear out too easily. Connectors less pin sensitive like the days of parallel and serial connections, where bent or broking pins were common. But the Firewire 800 connection to my external hard disk does appear to be delicate. But what can you do? I have a LAPTOP and I leave everyday and plug back in every nite! For the life of me, I do not understand why Apple did not common out with a docking station or port replicator for their high end lap tops! I plug in with 5 connections.. and that's reduced from 8 connections that's reduced because I have a USB hub! The one third-party docking station has not gotten good reviews from what I've seen and as a first time buyer of a Mac.. i am amazed at the quality of the lap top and design.. I've fallen in love with my new toys.. iPHone 3GS and MBP 17' antiglare, but can't understand that ommission.
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