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WOW!!! Nick, that worked!! I shut down the computer with the monitor still connected, then opened it up with it connected and problem solved!! No flickering on and off AT ALL, even ONCE! and no flickering afterwards either so far!

No one has come close to solving the problem, not Mac Medic (local bay area authorized Mac repair experts), not Apple, not my THX engineer friend, or two computer consultants. (Chscag from the previous post... no i haven't damaged my connectors, i'm very careful, computer is less than month old, yet i still had the computer checked thoroughly, and both connectors exhibited the same behaviors.. so couldn't be that).

So, other than understanding what you know and others don't, what do i do NOW?? Your solution resolves when I shut down and open up the SAME external monitor. What about when I am going to shut down and open up to the OTHER monitor. I suppose I should plug in the other monitor before I turn on the MBP, but when I shut down the first monitor, should I keep it plugged in or unplug it before shutting down!!??

Thanks again for coming up with at working solution!

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