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If you want to add the text to the photo, so it appears in all uses of the photo, you'll have to edit it. Using InkScape (a free download illustration package) as the editor:

1. Select the photo and drag it to the desktop.
2. Start InkScape and IMPORT the photo from the desktop
3. Click the Zoom button to scale the image display to fit the workspace.
4. Add a layer.
5. With the Text tool, type the text (on the new layer).
6. Switch to the Select tool.
7. Use the Select arrows to position and scale your text. Pick a color for it from the spectrum (at the bottom of the screen).
8. Use the Command-Shift-4 function to snap your new photo to the desktop.
9. Drag the new photo from the desktop to the Photos heading in iPhoto.

(My dad had a Kodak Autographic Camera, which had a window in the back, with a stylus, to write directly on the negative.)
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