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My moms imac has degraded to the point that it will no longer boot. This happened a few months ago and a friend ran a disk utility on it and it was okay for a while but now it's at a point that it won't boot to single user, cd or anything. When I bought it for her I got complete care so that's good and it had a usb drive on it with timemachine enabled so her data SHOULD be okay. But truth be told I've never used timemachine to restore anything and I'm a little nervous about turning her computer over to a complete stranger and crossing my fingers in the hope that they'll bring their "A" game to the data transfer process. If this weren't an imac it'd be trivial to remove the hard drive and backup the data but I'm not comfortable tearing that thing open.

So, do I have any options for a final shot at a backup other than handing this over to the folks at the apple store?
Is there a way I can check to confirm her data is on the timemachine usb drive?
Should I give the apple folks the imac and the usb drive and let them restore or should I hang onto the drive and do it myself?
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