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I can't imagine this would not be a big deal.. it's not just the 3 times it takes when starting up, but then it will do it on occasion when going from one monitor to the other.. and clicking on the other monitor.

Hmmm.. since it happens with two different sets of hardware in two different locations, it's almost gotta be with the new graphics connection. My engineer friend from THX said that her was amazed how small the new graphics connector is.. and has to handle different pin configurations for both DVI and GCI. I think this connector.. vision port?? is new to the MBP..or IMMAC, so perhaps the glitch hasn't come out yet enough?? I don't know, I'm not very technical and I am NEW to Macs.

But problem is significant and doesn't seem to be unique to my set up. I am not that fussy, and this is a real annoyance.. can't be ignored if you use an external monitor regularly.
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