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Hi folks! I am a first time mac user after a lifetime with Windows. Was sold after using Iphone 3Gs. So got a MBP 17" model about 2 months ago, with Snow Leopard. Love the lap top, HOWEVER.. I have two external monitors, One, at Lacie 526, brand new, with an adaptor for DVI cable, and in another environment, and Monitor with an adaptor for a VGI cable. They both do the same thing.. when I turn the computer on.. both the Mac and external monitor screens, blink on and off THREE times, then stays on.. each time I use either monitor it does this, on and off 3 times.. THEN.. periodically it will blink again.. often when I move my mouse from one monitor to another. Recently, on the VGI monitor, and it blinks on and off even when not going from one screen to the other. Can't be the environment or monitors since it does the same thing with two different monitors and cables, and it is not the computer.. I brought into the store and they ran various diagnostics and says the MBP checks out perfectly and runs with MAC external monitors with no hitch. What's up?? firmware issues with new video input for MBP??
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