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I need help deleting two time machine inProgress packages from my trash. one of them in particular i believe is hogging about 200GB of space on my time capsule. the files are from an old sparsebundle for my mac pro. i had to create a fresh sparsebundle when i couldn't link the old one to a clone of my startup drive (which i did when i wanted to upgrade the size of my startup drive). i want to keep the old sparsebundle in case i need to manually find old files. but i don't need these inProgress packages.

i have been able to move the two packages to the trash. then, when i try to secure empty trash i get the 'preparing to empty trash' progress bar and it takes about 12 hours (i kid not) to prepare the 1,900,000 approx files to be emptied from the trash. ok, i can live with that. but then when i was finally able to choose to empty the items from the trash, i got the next progress bar which was counting down the files deleted at a rate of about 1 per second (again, i kid not). i left it overnight and in the morning it had moved from around 1,900,000 to 1,880,000. at this rate i estimate it will take 22 days to empty the trash!

So, I am wondering if there is another way of doing this, what would seem like, a simple task.


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