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I confess, I'm still using 10.3.9. I know it is completely ridiculous that I haven't updated my OS since '04, but let's just say I haven't had disposable income since then. Now, however, I'm finding myself further and further down a road to obscurity and need to make an update. I can't afford a whole new computer, but Tiger seems doable.

My questions are:
1. Do I need to do a full install of Tiger or can I do an upgrade from Panther?
2. I use a lot of Adobe software that my old job gave me, and I can't re-install any of it because they have the discs. Can my Adobe programs transfer to Tiger without re-installing?
3. I'm using a Second Generation G4 (with plenty of RAM), is Tiger going to even run remotely right on my machine?
4. Should I tell everyone who is even considering giving me a Christmas present to just make it cash so I can throw it all in on a new MacBook and Adobe CS4?

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