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Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
Not sure that I would pay the premium Apple wants for a 7200rpm drive, when you can get one and install it yourself for less than $100.

Unless you're doing 3D rendering or any incredibly processor-intensive tasks where the difference of an extra 10 seconds of rending time is worth the price, I can't imagine the need for the 3.06.
I completely agree with that. You can get a 500gb 7200rpm drive for a bit over $100 if you want massive space. I got a Seagate 7200.4 500gb and it cost me about $120 and only lowered my battery life by like maybe 20mins.

And 200mhz on the CPU is nothing. That's only about 7% of the total speed of a 2.8GHz chip. Unless your doing video editing or a lot of gaming you could even go with a slower chip and not notice it.
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