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Hi everyone,
I've just found out I can get a rather decent discount on a Mac being a student. I was originally saving for a 3.06 ghz MBP with a 7200rpm Hard drive. I've decided to scrap the hard drive upgrade as a slightly slower hard drive really won't bother me that much. The thing I can't decide on is processor. I currently own an Acer Apsire Windows laptop, with a 2.0ghz Core 2 duo. It seems to handle things pretty well, I guess I can't fault it. What I'm asking basically is will I notice a big difference in the 3.06ghz as opposed to the 2.8ghz one? It's quite a bump in price and unless I'm going to notice it I'd rather not spend the extra money. I've looked on YouTube for some comparisons and found a couple of interesting ones but none that truly show the difference.
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