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Thanks for the replies.

@clayneal - i was using SMCFancontrol to make the mac speed the fans up -before- hardware hit temperatures of ~105 celcius. It happened often if i didnt use the program, and to keep the life time of the hardware longer, i used this program to avoid such high temperatures.

@bobtomay - i got my MPB back from repair about a week ago, they replaced 1 fan (i have no clue if there are more and if so how many), didnt cost anything and im considering getting apple care for longer guarantee..
If i understand your post correctly then you are saying that my 5000 SMCFancontrol setting would let the fans spin too slow sometimes, but thats not how the program works tho. It can only set the minimum fan RPM, the MPB is still able to increase the RPM to 5000+ if its sensors tells it to do so. However, i have not been using SMC since i got the computer back and it spins the fans up much faster than before. Could it be that MPBs come with settings for low sound levels at a sacrifice of higher temperatures (since most users probably dont use their MPs for applications such as wow..), and the apple technicians changed some settings to make it speed fans up faster when they noticed that i had SMC installed and wow icon on the desktop?

I dont know if that is a realistic thought tho, watching a movie uses to increase the temperature similar to wow. Many MBP users probably watch a movie on their laptop from time to time.

Anyways, id just want to update the thread for future reference with the info that my MBP now smoothly increases the fan speeds as the temperature raises after i had apple staff look at the computer and repaired the broken fan. It did not do this before, it stayed at around 1990RPMs until the temperature hit 97-107 degrees celcius, then it raised the RPMs quickly up to 4000-6000. Now the fan RPM follows temperature linearly starting to speed up at around 65
60 - 1990
65 - 2200
70 - 3000
70 - 4000
75 - 4750
80+ - 5000+

If you, like me, spend time on games or other temperature increasing activity and have the problem i had with the MBP not speeding up fans to avoid temperatures above 90 degrees i would advice you to take the computer to an apple technician.
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