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Hey guys!
(almost typed hai guise )

Okay, long story short:

a former co-worker and I i considering switching laptops... He's getting a new one from his work number 2, and his GF is getting a new one from his job, and his mom needs a new lappy (this is where my MacBook comes in).

I have a late 2007 MacBook with these specs:
2.16 Core 2 Duo
120 GB HDD
3 GB Ram
Battery still at full capacity!
(actually, battery capacity has gone UP a bit )

His MacBook Pro is:
Early 2006
1.83 Core Duo
160 GB HDD
1 GB ram
ATI X1600 128 MB graphics
VERY poor battery! Lasts like, 20 mins
(extra bonus question: what battery do I need for this model? Ive googled like forever but come up empty handed)

Sho ld i switch with him? Will i see any significally boost in terms of graphics performance?
(i mainly use my MacBook for Illustrator, Photoshop, iTunes and World Of Warcraft)

Cheers, Frederik
(sorry, for any typo's and grammar errors... My wirtten english is not what it used to be)

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