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Hey there,

yeah I know, keep kids away from computers... don't I know! Unfortunately, my friends' two-year-old managed to sneak up to my (running) MacBook behind our backs. We caught him banging away at the keyboard, ouch.

After dragging him away, I saw that apparently no damage had been done - apart from the fact that the colours on my screen seem to have reversed, like looking at the negative of a photograph (those of you who remember negatives, and "real" photos ;-)).

I tried:
- The option "Calibrate" in System Preferences/Displays/Colour.
- ColorSync "Display", repair - brought up the message "no problems detected" or similar.

Argh! Any way to change it back to normal? I've shut down, restarted, updated software, coaxed and cried (well, so I didn't cry perhaps ;-)). I thought it might be an issue with the hardware, but it's not because when I start up the MacBook, for a split-second my desktop background shows up correctly, until it switches back to the "negative" form.


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